• Vayu, a freeware that deals with surface mesh files. It provides a set of tools for rendering, labelling, revisualizing, and reanalyzing meshes. It also offers features for VR mode and one-stop animation production.


    New version Vayu 1.1 is out!
    21/11, 2022
    We released Vayu 1.1, with new VR features and rendering improvements! You can download here.

    Vayu 1.0 released
    20/09, 2022
    Vayu 1.0 is out! You can download in the download section.
    Core features of Vayu 1.0
    • Split Binary STL, allows users to split large sized mesh into many pieces during input;
    • Mesh Information Panel, all surface meshes are listed in the Mesh Information Panel;
    • Model Transformation Panel, allows users to rotate and translate all surfaces together;
    • Keyframe Editor Panel, allows users to save keyframes for animations;
    • Lighting Panel, help users visualize the surface meshes;
    • Paint Mode, allows users to color or texture the surface meshes, and generate the new meshes;
    • Caption, allows users to add labels.
    Research & Education Gallery
    • Click the cell under C column to bring up the color dialog to change the color of the mesh.
    • Press Grab switch to select the surface mesh directly. This will show up the grab handles for all the meshes.
    • Add clipping plane by pressing X. A widget will appear showing the position and orientation of the clipping plane.
    • Use Outline parameter to bring out the internal structure within the data. Transparency parameter affects how transparent the surface will look. The outline will always be opaque.
    • Use the explode command to separate out difference meshes from each other. Normalized coordinates are used.
    • A label is attached to the mesh. A line is drawn from label text box to the mesh to which it is attached to.
    • Save a keyframe with meshes in original positions and then another one with their positions moved either via explode or individually.
    Tutorial videos
    Technical Question (Q&A) Support
    • Jing Lu (lujing@ivpp.ac.cn)
    • Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jing-Lu-68
    • Personal homepage: http://www.ivpp.cas.cn/sourcedb_ivpp_cas/zw/rck/yxqnrck/202209/t20220908_6510917.html
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